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Why Play Free 21 or Black Jack Games?

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Some people might think that playing free blackjack games online is a waste of time. This probably has something to do with no real money being wagered; since blackjack is a gambling game, it does seem like it might be kind of pointless to play a gambling game like 21 without any money on the line, but really, there are a lot of reasons why someone might like to spend some time playing free no download blackjack games.

For one thing, free blackjack games are probably as interesting and entertaining as solitaire. And people play solitaire all the time, right, so no big deal. Maybe playing cards online relaxes you and helps you get a timeout from whatever might be stressing you out. In today's society, where there are constantly multiple distractions, pressures, and responsibilities, people need to use whatever coping mechanisms work for them. If blackjack is your thing, then great, go for it. (And honestly, playing the free games for stress relief is probably even better than playing for money, if your goal is stress relief.)

Another reason you might want to play the free no download black jack games on this site is to practice your basic strategy for blackjack without risking any money. Blackjack is a negative expectation game, but if you can master basic strategy, it's one of the best bets in any casino, online or land-based. Some of the games on this site feature a house edge of way less than 0.5%, which puts it in a class all by itself. (Although some video poker games have similarly favorable conditions.)

Or maybe you've been considering gambling online but you're not sure whether you'd enjoy the experience. The play money 21 games on this site are accurate representations of what you're going to be able to play at an online casino powered by Microgaming software. So you can play these games to see if you like Microgaming and decide whether or not you like it enough to play for real money there.

You could even use these free games to practice counting cards. The deck is shuffled every hand, but if you're just looking at actually get in some real counting, without spending any money, and you're tired of dealing hands to yourself at the kitchen table, you can sharpen your skills this way. Since there is no real money on the line with these free games, you don't have to worry about whether or not you're betting too much when you don't have the edge anyway.

No matter what your reasons for playing free blackjack games, I hope you'll bookmark this site and return often. The games here will continue to be free as long as Spin Palace casino is willing to sponsor the site, and they'll also never require a download, as long as you have the Macromedia Flash Shockwave software on your computer, which is what makes the games run.

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Why Free Blackjack?

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