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The Microgaming version of Atlantic City blackjack below requires no download and no deposit to play. It's strictly a free, browser-based 21 game for fun or to practice basic strategy with. The house edge with this particular rule set is 0.365%, which makes it an even better game than the Vegas downtown game, although I'm not sure that this reflects the real playing conditions in casinos in either of those two locations.

In this "Atlantic City" black jack game, the dealer is dealing from an 8 deck shoe, which is shuffled after every hand. (Almost all online blackjack games shuffle after every single hand.) The dealer will stand on a soft 17, and the player can double on any two cards. The player is also allowed to double after splitting, both of which are advantageous rules variations for the player. Late surrender is allowed, and the player can resplit after splitting up to three hands.

Surrendering is an option I never use when I play, but if you know when the correct situation is for surrendering, it will add to your chances of winning. In this particular version of the game, it's correct to surrender when you have a 15 against a dealer 10, and it's also correct to surrender when you have a 16 versus a dealer 9, 10, or ace. (Surrendering is an option in some blackjack games where you don't like your hand, you decide to give up any chance of winning, and you forfeit half your bet.)

Atlantic City focuses more on high stakes blackjack games than the lower stakes 21 that's so common in a lot of Las Vegas casinos. You used to be able to find a $5 blackjack game at the Boardwalk, for example, but it's just not there anymore really. Atlantic City also has far fewer casinos than Vegas, with only a total of maybe a dozen or so casinos in the entire city. Some of these Atlantic City casinos include Bally's, Caesar's, the Tropicana, and the Trump Marina.
Atlantic City is also well known for being at the center of some blackjack card counting controversy a few years ago. It's illegal in New Jersey to refuse to let a "skilled player" play at the blackjack tables there, so the main countermeasure used against card counters in Atlantic City is to require them to flat bet, which is completely legal. (Card counters gain an edge by raising their bets when the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck is favorable to the player.)
There are at least 700 blackjack tables in Atlantic City. The rules for the game in New Jersey are set by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, unlike in Las Vegas and some other gambling destinations where the blackjack conditions and rules are determined by the casino management. Many of the blackjack games in Atlantic City use automatic shufflers.
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