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This free version of Double Exposure Blackjack is probably a nice change of pace from the other blackjack games on this site because it's such an unusual game variation. In most blackjack games, one of the dealer's hole cards is exposed while the other card is hidden. In Double Exposure blackjack, BOTH of the dealer's cards are exposed, which is definitely favorable to the player. There are some other rule variations which give some of that advantage back to the casino, but this game is still one of the better bets in any casino.

One difference between Double Exposure Black Jack and normal blackjack games is what happens in the event of a tie. Normally in a tie situation, the player gets his bet back but doesn't win anything. This is called a "push". But in Double Exposure blackjack, the dealer wins all ties. Another major difference is that instead of getting paid 3 to 2 on a natural, the player only gets even money on a blackjack. These two changes make up for the change in the advantage that a player gets by seeing both dealer cards.

Double Exposure blackjack is available at many different casinos, including the Stratosphere and Lady Luck in Vegas, Circus Circus in Reno, and the Tropicana in Atlantic City. The rules for doubling and splitting varies from each of these casinos to the other casinos, and the house edge can be as low as 0.26% on the Lady Luck game to 1.47% at Circus Circus in Reno. The game is also sometimes referred to by other names, like Face Up 21 or Dealer Disclosure.

Double Exposure Blackjack was invented by Bob Stupak, who used to own Vegas World and the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The version of the game that you see on this site is provided courtesy of Spin Palace casino, which offers some of their games in a free flash format that can be played in your browser window. No deposit or download is required in order to play this game; it's completely gratis as they say in Europe.
This particular version of Double Exposure offers a dealer advantage of 0.69%, which doesn't make it the worst game that Microgaming offers, but it's definitely not the best game either. But the game does have a completely different texture and several strategy variations which make it a pretty entertaining game worth playing. The game uses 8 decks of cards, and the deck is shuffled after every hand. (Which is typical of online blackjack games.)
The basic strategy tables for Double Exposure blackjack look pretty different from a typical basic strategy table, since it has to account for the dealer's total instead of just the dealer's upcard. There are also some interesting strategies that wouldn't come up in a regular game. For example, if you have a total of 20 and the dealer has a total of 20, the correct strategic decision in that situation is to take a hit, since you can't possibly win any other way. (There is no downside to hitting the 20 since you're going to lose in that situation even if you don't take the hit.)
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