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Super Fun 21 is a pretty neat little blackjack variation that has a relatively high edge for the house, at least compared to some of the other blackjack variants available. (The house edge is 0.94%.) The game differs from a lot of blackjack games in the payout for a blackjack, which only pays even money, which is huge minus for the player, but it also gives the casino flexibility to offer a lot of other really flexible rules. (A suited blackjack where both cards are diamonds does pay out at 2 to 1 instead of even money though.)

For one thing, Super Fun 21 is almost always played with only one or two decks. The fewer decks in play, the better off the player is. Players are allowed to double down after splitting in this game. Even better, the player is allowed to resplit after splitting, up to four hands. Any five card total of 21 also pays 2 to 1, unless it happens after doubling. Any six card hand that doesn't bust and that has a total of 20 or less is also an automatic winner, no matter what cards the dealer has.

Player black jacks always win in Super Fun 21, even when the dealer gets a 21. A player can also double after any number of cards in Super Fun 21 too, which is another really cool advantage that's almost never available in a standard blackjack game. None of these neat little bonuses for the player offsets the big advantage the house gains from the reduced blackjack payout, but they still make for an interesting and fun blackjack game.

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