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Downtown Vegas is sometimes also called Glitter Gulch, and many of the casinos in the area are older casinos who offer better games and better odds than the casinos on the Strip. One truism that anyone who is familiar with blackjack knows is that the fewer decks being used, the better the odds for the player. This version of Vegas downtown blackjack only uses 2 decks of cards, but it does reshuffle after every deal, so you can't really count cards.

The house edge on this particular version of blackjack is only 0.4%, making it one of the best 21 games available online. The version below is a flash version (or shockwave, or macromedia, or whatever you want to call it). So you don't have to download a casino client in order to play this game, and it's free too, so you don't have to deposit any money to play either. The only disadvantage to playing a free-play black jack game like this is that you can't win any money either, but you can't lose either, so it's all good.

In Microgaming's Vegas Downtown blackjack, the dealer hits a soft 17, and the player is allowed to double down on any two first cards. The player is also allowed to double after splitting. (Both of those rules are advantageous to the player, and are pretty uncommon in a lot of land-based casinos these days.) You're even allowed to resplit up to a maximum of three blackjack hands. Doubling after splitting, for example, adds 0.1% to the player's advantage.  Being able to resplit pairs adds another 0.05% to your advantage.

Vegas Downtown Casinos

The Fremont Street Experience is one of my favorite things about Vegas - it's beautiful and costs nothing to experience. There are multiple good casinos and hotels located in the downtown area also, including places like Binion's, the California, El Cortez, Fitzgeralds, the Four Queens, the Fremont, the Gold Spike, the Golden Gate, the Golden Nugget, Lady Luck, and the Las Vegas Club. Many of these casinos offer single deck blackjack, which is an even better game than the blackjack game you can play on this page.
Keep in mind though that other variations affect your chances of winning at these games, and usually the single deck games are strictly low limit affairs with other disadvantages. If you find a single deck 21 game that pays out 6 to 5 on blackjack, you're losing so much of an advantage on the reduced blackjack payout that it's not even worth playing; you'd be better off playing a 6 or 8 deck game with the 3 to 2 payback.
The Western Hotel and Casino in downtown Vegas is well-known for offering some of the lowest limit blackjack games in Vegas at $3/hand. El Cortez is also known for offering single deck blackjack that still pays 3 to 2. Keep in mind though that the casino conditions can change at any time, and the black jack rules that you're facing at the downtown casinos and hotels in Vegas might vary significantly from what I've shared with you here.
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