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The tag line for the River Belle Casino brand is "enjoy Southern hospitality". Riverbelle.com is one of the older casinos on the Internet, having launched in 1997. They offer a 100% signup bonus on a player's first deposit, worth up to $100.

Riverbelle.com Customer Service

Unlike a lot of online casinos, Riverbelle.com has posted a vision statement on their website. (Vision statements were all the rage in traditional businesses in the USA for a long time. But most online casinos don't bother with such details.) I've summarized their promise to their customers below:

  • Riverbelle promises the best games.
  • Riverbelle promises the best customer service.
  • Riverbelle promises the best chances of winning.
  • Riverbelle promises the best casino security.
  • Riverbelle promises the best regulated casino.

Their dedication to providing an excellent customer experience is apparent in the above summary.

Riverbelle.com Blackjack Games

Like most Microgaming casinos, RiverbelleCasino.com offers several different versions of blackjack to choose from. But their Classic Blackjack game offers the best odds for the players, with approximately a 0.1% house edge when played with perfect basic strategy.

A 0.1% house edge is incredibly low. That means for every $100 you wager, you will only lose 10 cents in the long run. (Short term variation can change that number dramatically, so it's worth your time to master .)

Other Table Games at Riverbelle Casino

Other table games available at Riverbelle Casino include craps, sic bo, and roulette. The odds on all of these games are terrible when compared to the 0.1% house edge on Classic Blackjack. But the Riverbelle versions of these games are fun and realistic, and if you're a fan of those games, you might want to give them a try.

USA Players?

Riverbelle Casino does accept USA based players from 39 states. In the other 11 states, online wagering is legally problematic because of state laws. You can contact Riverbelle Casino directly using one of the links on this page for details about whether or not you're allowed to play there from your state.

Riverbelle Casino Software

River Belle Casino makes its casino games available in both a downloadable format and a no download flash version that you can play in your Internet browser window. The free games available on this site are basically the same games you can play for real money with the flash version of their real money casino.

River Belle Casino is a good online casino at which to play blackjack.


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